Recent Projects

  • Join Maidez – Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale

    Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale is now airing. I built a single page application on AWS using Lambda, S3, NodeJS, Webpack, React, Redux and Babel to support their social campaign. This application takes in a users code, grants them access to a secret group and allows them to invite up to 5 friends.

  • Starbucks Outlook Add-in

    The Starbucks Outlook Add-In for Microsoft Outlook is an application that allows users to send Starbucks Gift Cards through their email with ease. I led JavaScript development on this project. We revamped an existing AngularJS code base, updated features and provide support.

  • Nintendo: Star Fox Zero

    Nintendo did a reboot of Star Fox for the Wii U. With the Star Fox Zero website we tried to convey the feel of Star Fox world online. Bringing in rich character art and dynamic animations we brought this reboot to life. Dynamic galaxy animations behind the menu overlay using HTML5 canvas, complex scrolling animations within the Lylat System and in depth character and vehicle interactions all bring this site to life. I was the lead interactive developer on this project at POP.

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