Snowboarding at Stevens Pass – February 13th, 2011

Our friend Brendan was in from Philly. We had a great day on the mountain. Chris, Rob and myself took an avalanche awareness class at Stevens Pass the day before. The class was great and definitely makes me feel a lot more comfortable hiking into the backcountry. Chris and I have been trying our hand at snow shoeing and also got our beacon/probe/shovel set. I can’t wait for Jackson Hole.

The track in the video is “Edge of Extremes” by Clubfeet.

Clearing the Display of a Video Object in Flash Issues

So today a co-worker of mine and I were trying to figure out why he couldn’t clear the display of an image in the video object on his stage.  The Adobe documentation states that if you use the clear method of the Video class that it should do the following:

“Clears the image currently displayed in the Video object. This is useful when you want to display standby information without having to hide the Video object.”

Well… when having smoothing enabled, this does not work.  It’s a known bug, and I believe it has to do with smoothing caching the video as a bitmap.  I’m not fully sure how smoothing works, but it makes sense that this would likely be the problem.

So to clear the video object that has smoothing enabled, you need to disable smoothing then clear the object.  After it’s been cleared you can turn smoothing back on.

360 Degree Interactive Video with Flash

Straight from the creators of google maps “street view”, there’s is now interactive video that you can scroll and navigate around in while the video plays. I think it shows how impressive flash player really is. Flash is pulling in an FLV file with the 360 degree picture. I believe they built their own 3D rendering engine to allow flash to warp/scale/distort the video properly.

Pretty cool stuff. It brings me back to my days at WIN Media when I used to have to stitch and publish IPIX files. I think they’re out of business now.