Miscellaneous Snowboarding Debauchery From The 2010/2011 Season

Snowboarding at Stevens Pass on January 8th, 2011

We went all over the mountain in this video. The cat track jumping at the end was especially fun.

The Smiths – “Ask (Demo)”

Snowboarding in the backcountry @ Stevens Pass – February 19th, 2011

We had a great day building a kicker in the backcountry of Stevens Pass.

Sun Airway – “American West”

Snowboarding @ Grand Targhee Resort – March 6th, 2011

We had a great first day snowboarding in Wyoming at Grand Targhee Resort. We hiked Mary’s Nipple a couple of times and had a lot of fun all over the resort.

“Screws Get Loose” – Those Darlins
“Throwing Shade” – Abe Vigoda
“Standing At the Station” – Ty Segall

Snowboarding in the backcountry @ Jackson Hole – March 9th, 2011 (extended cut)

We spent the day with backcountry guide Brendan Burns. Awesome guy and great guide. We rode No Shadows/Cody Bowl, Four Pines, Rock Springs, Green River, & Split Rock.
(This is the extended cut with footage from the whole day)

“Silver Screen” by the Beat Connection
“Take Me In” – Wild Nothing
“What a Pleasure” – Beach Fossils
“New Theory” – Washed Out

Enjoying Stevens Pass Springfest 2011 (Debauchery & Pond Skim)

Max and friends enjoyed a snowy day of springfest. Enjoying some brews with the van bros, some sweet lines in the park and a nice smooth skim across the pond… what more could you ask for?