Azure Ray is Realeasing a New Album!

Azure Ray is releasing a new album after a 6 year hiatus. Both Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink have been off pursing music in their own ways, but are releasing a new full-length album as Azure Ray again on September 14th. Check out a sample of the upcoming album below:

Don’t Leave My Mind (MP3)

And, best of all, they’ll be playing the Tractor Tavern in Ballard on October 27th!

Azure Ray - Drawing Down The Moon Album Cover


  1. Wake Up, Sleepyhead
  2. Don’t Leave My Mind
  3. In the Fog
  4. Larraine
  5. On and On Again
  6. Make Your Heart
  7. Silver Sorrow
  8. Signs in the Leaves
  9. Love and Permanence
  10. Shouldn’t Have Loved
  11. Dancing Ghosts
  12. Walking in Circles