American Hipster Presents: Seattle

There’s a new show on YouTube called American Hipster Presents. I stumbled upon the Linda Derschang episode last night. They’re well produced videos about a community I love so much. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Linda Derschang – American Hipster Presents #35 (Seattle – Social Life)

If you’re from Seattle I’m sure a lot of you know of Linda’s in Capitol Hill. Take a peek into Seattle’s night life with Linda Derschang, owner of Linda’s and others.

KeseyPollock & Melting Bodies – American Hipster Presents #32 (Seattle – Art)

I absolutely love this art and can’t wait for their show in spring of 2013.

Marian Built – American Hipster Presents #34 (Seattle – Style)

Reused furniture builder… similar to Electric Coffin.

Bumbershoot – American Hipster Presents #33 (Seattle – Music)

Rachel’s Ginger Beer – American Hipster Presents #31 (Seattle – Food)

Their ginger beer is great and if you live in Capitol Hill I’m sure some of you know of Montana. Great people.