Thoughts on the iPad

Apple released the iPad last week as many of you well know.  I had little interest in the device, but still see some great potential in the world of tablet computing.  After all I’ve seen and read, I feel the device, where it stands, is a great tool for someone like my parents but nothing more.  As it stands, it will be a great tool for the basics (email, calendars, and simple web-browsing).  I don’t think this hardware will be a great e-book reader.  The Kindle is good for a reason… it’s not a back-light LED display.

Either way, these are where I feel the iPad has fallen short:

  • No Multitasking
  • No Camera
  • No Flash
  • Over all UI Design of the OS (identical to the iPhone)
  • Closed Platform (Apple controls which applications developers can deploy)

With that said, I still have hope for the iPad.  I also think it’s exciting that all my iPhone developer friends are now developers for the iPad as well.

There are 3 short articles that I found good reads on this same subject at Gizmodoidsgn, and Mike Chambers.

Previewing FLVs on a Mac using Quicktime and Mac OS X 10.5’s Quick Look Feature

If you’re looking to get FLVs to playback in Quicktime I believe your best route is Perian.  It installs a preference pane in your System Preferences.  It’s simple to install and update.  Another great thing about installing Perian is you can convert FLVs to other formats using Quicktime Pro.

Also if you want to quickly preview FLVs from within Finder using the Quick Look feature try using this Quick Look plugin.  Place the flv.qlgenerator file in your Library/QuickLook folder.  This can go in your root library folder or your user library folder.

Hope this is helpful, I use it everyday.