Installing JSLint in Sublime Text 3

I got a new computer today and needed a refresher on installing JSLint with Sublime Text. Linters are now run through the SublimeLinter package/framework. To install Package Control and SublimeLinter follow the links below.

Install Package Control specific to the version of Sublime Text you’re running:

Install SublimeLinter and Linter plugins:

The links provide simple straightforward instructions for basic linter configurations for Sublime Text.

Happy Linting!

Also… you likely want to set up Sublime Text’s command line tool. Do so by running the following in Terminal:
[cc lang=”bash”]sudo ln -s “/Applications/Sublime” /usr/local/bin/subl[/cc]

This will set up a symlink to the command ‘subl’ within Terminal.

More documentation here:

Midwest Lynx Content Management System and Camping

I’m looking forward to wrapping up the new “2.0” version of the content management system I’ve been working on with Marky at Midwest Love. It should be a good release of it. I think our clients are going to really enjoy it.

On top of finishing that, I’m going camping this weekend with all my friends from The Autumn View. I’m excited. I hope I get to see some of the leaves turning colors already, but who knows.

Wii and PHP Content Management!

Mario Strikers Charged with 3 other friends in the same room is amazing! I’ve been looking into Drupal: I’m not sold.It has some great features, but still it doesn’t compare to starting from scratch. I know there’s a lot of technology now that “makes our lives easier”, but I believe most just add clutter. Open Source is the way to go for a lot of stuff, but I still like getting down to the very core of everything and building from the ground up. I’m interested in what will come of Wombat CMS.I started on the inital designs of an Admin 2.0 version. Midwest Lynx! One day it will have a cute little logo. NetNewt was taken!

What do Mr. Bean and the Newsboys have in common?

You ask? Well not a whole lot. I’ve been working on some banner campaigns for Mr. Bean’s Holiday with my friend Taylor at Robots Made It. The banners are going well, and we will continue to complete them throughout the week. I’m not sure what my thoughts are in reguards to the movie, but I guess we’ll see.

As far as the Newsboys go, Mark at Midwest Love is going to be doing their greatest hits work. I thought this was pretty exciting. The Newsboys are the most popular Christian Pop band of the past 2 decades.

It’s pretty amazing how things are working out. Also Marky and I are beginning work on the new Hush Sound website. I’m stoked. First off, I have to complete our Admin 2.0 for all our band websites. I think we’re naming it Midwest Lynx. What do you think? We really liked NetNewt, but that was already taken! I hate how people go around buying up domains. Pisses me off.