Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6 / 5.5

I have known that there’s a javascript/css fix for transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer, but I’ve tried to stay away from this always!  As of today, I was faced with answering this problem on a site I’m working on.  I found it’s quite simple and there’s a great article on this topic at “24 Ways to Impress Your Friends“.  Have at errrrrrrrrr.

Creating .ico files for Fav Icons

So I had yet until today found a free plug-in for creating .ico (windows) icon files out of photoshop. After doing some brief searching on Google I found a free photoshop plug-in that works with CS3 created by Toby Thain at Telegraphics. Thank you! Here’s the link:  There’s plenty of tutorials out there for creating the icons if you are unsure how, but it’s quite simple. Enjoy.