Installing JSLint in Sublime Text 3

I got a new computer today and needed a refresher on installing JSLint with Sublime Text. Linters are now run through the SublimeLinter package/framework. To install Package Control and SublimeLinter follow the links below.

Install Package Control specific to the version of Sublime Text you’re running:

Install SublimeLinter and Linter plugins:

The links provide simple straightforward instructions for basic linter configurations for Sublime Text.

Happy Linting!

Also… you likely want to set up Sublime Text’s command line tool. Do so by running the following in Terminal:
[cc lang=”bash”]sudo ln -s “/Applications/Sublime” /usr/local/bin/subl[/cc]

This will set up a symlink to the command ‘subl’ within Terminal.

More documentation here:

Thoughts on the iPad

Apple released the iPad last week as many of you well know.  I had little interest in the device, but still see some great potential in the world of tablet computing.  After all I’ve seen and read, I feel the device, where it stands, is a great tool for someone like my parents but nothing more.  As it stands, it will be a great tool for the basics (email, calendars, and simple web-browsing).  I don’t think this hardware will be a great e-book reader.  The Kindle is good for a reason… it’s not a back-light LED display.

Either way, these are where I feel the iPad has fallen short:

  • No Multitasking
  • No Camera
  • No Flash
  • Over all UI Design of the OS (identical to the iPhone)
  • Closed Platform (Apple controls which applications developers can deploy)

With that said, I still have hope for the iPad.  I also think it’s exciting that all my iPhone developer friends are now developers for the iPad as well.

There are 3 short articles that I found good reads on this same subject at Gizmodoidsgn, and Mike Chambers.

PlayStation 3 Now Supports Flash Player 9 Within it’s Web Browser.

I just discovered today that PlayStation 3 is now supporting Flash Player 9.  It’d be awesome to see other systems adopt this standard like the Wii.  It also be awesome if the XBOX had a web browser.  Who knows what will happen.  Either way, I’m finding to be content in the realm of video games, I need all of the systems.  I’m still working on getting a PS3.  I know I should be learning more or maybe writing blog entries, but as of late, I’ve been enthralled in the fantasy worlds the different games bring me.  The iPhone has been rumored for quite some time to be adopting flash player.  It has yet to happen.  I think a big issue on all these devices may be processing power??  Any thoughts?

Adobe Open Screen Project – Mobile Devices… Here Flash Comes!

I’m sure a lot of people in the Flash community have already heard.  For the few of you who haven’t, this is huge!  When considering what this will do for mobile devices and even the possibilities on gaming systems like the Wii and PS3, it’s very exciting.  Check out a video on the subject.  There are many more blogs out there on this topic.

360 Degree Interactive Video with Flash

Straight from the creators of google maps “street view”, there’s is now interactive video that you can scroll and navigate around in while the video plays. I think it shows how impressive flash player really is. Flash is pulling in an FLV file with the 360 degree picture. I believe they built their own 3D rendering engine to allow flash to warp/scale/distort the video properly.

Pretty cool stuff. It brings me back to my days at WIN Media when I used to have to stitch and publish IPIX files. I think they’re out of business now.

RadTech ProCable iPhone Headset Review

After seeing the ProCable headphones for the iPhone on, I decided to buy a pair for the low price of $24.95.  I wasn’t expecting much, but I was hoping for the best.  I also used the promo code to purchase them, which brought them down in price even more (RTPROMO1).

I received the headphone today.  The sound quality is what I expected, it sucks.  It’s worse than the headphones that come with the iPhone.  I don’t have a lot of experience with other headsets, but I was hoping to get a pair for less than $100 bucks that has the sound control and mic features of the apple headset.  The headphones do look amazing and the sound control and mic features work great, but the sound quality definitely reflects the price.  I guess they’ll be an ok backup to carry around in the car.

RadTech ProCable iPhone Headset

A Follow-up to the Adobe Flex 3 Pre-release Presentation

The flex tour came to Milwaukee yesterday. It was a pretty amazing demonstration about all the great new features in being released in Adobe Flex 3. I was pretty amazed with all the new features Kevin Hoyt presented at the meeting.

I give a big thank you to C2 for helping with the event cordination. They always do a great job and also have a great location themselves for hosting regular monthly meetings. If you’re reading this and currently do not attend a local user group, I highly reccommed it. Being part of user groups has allowed me to recconnect with collgues and meet new ones.

The flex presentation went quite well. Its nice to walk away with a free tshirt and cookies in hand!

Flex Pre-Release