Cowlitz Rocks Splitboard Tour – Mt. Rainier, WA

We set out from Paradise on Mt. Rainier for a tour up to Cowlitz Rocks. It was a very hot, sunny spring day. The tour was long but not very technical. We had to take very little switchbacks. The GPS tracking stopped at a couple points (where you can see the straight lines). If I were looking to do a tour with great lines for turns, I would not recommend this tour. If you are however looking for a tour to see some amazing views and get some decent turns on the way out with little consequence, this is a great tour. Going back I’d very likely choose a different route to get some steeper terrain.

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Surfing at Short Sands on the coast of Oregon

Since April/May of 2012 I started surfing. Being from the midwest this was never an option for me, but now after living in Washington for almost 5 years I figuered I should stop holding out for a trip to some place warm like Hawaii and just get in the water. This summer was filled with a lot of surf trips to Westport, La Push, Shi Shi and the like. We also made it down to Oregon a couple times.

This past weekend we made it to Short Sands again. Here are the results of a blown out surf weekend:

Saturday’s weather was a doozy. Rain, hail, sunshine. We had a long jumping contest. Our new stoke bro, Tony, won. The Pacific was kind and brought forth many shreddy rides. Sunday gave us glorious sunshine with a slight intermittent breeze. Choppy in the AM but we tamed those beasts. Later in the day the waves weren’t shaping quite as nicely, making it hard to catch much of anything. On both days, the beach was littered with hikers and bikers. Hardly any surfers but a few were as dedicated as our troop.
– Amanda

Christmas Was Good To Me

This year I decided to make an Amazon wish list to aid the people in my life who would be getting me gifts. It paid off big time. Everything I got I loved. The Amazon Wish List Chrome Plugin is a nice helper when bookmarking stuff you want on your list. I made out big time. Some gifts I love are the Akai MPK49, James Jean “Rebus” book & James Jean “RIFT” accordion book. Hope your Christmas was merry and have a great new year!

Snowboarding at Stevens Pass – February 13th, 2011

Our friend Brendan was in from Philly. We had a great day on the mountain. Chris, Rob and myself took an avalanche awareness class at Stevens Pass the day before. The class was great and definitely makes me feel a lot more comfortable hiking into the backcountry. Chris and I have been trying our hand at snow shoeing and also got our beacon/probe/shovel set. I can’t wait for Jackson Hole.

The track in the video is “Edge of Extremes” by Clubfeet.

CocoRosie and Owning a Record Player

I went to the Showbox Market for the first time tonight. You would think living in Seattle for over 2 years and being someone who frequents on average about 1 show a week that I would have seen a show at the Showbox Market by now. This was my first time there. The venue and sound was great. The bartender serving me was kind of an ass and seemed to hate his job, but hey?

Either way, CocoRosie was great. Big surprise, right? This is my third time seeing CocoRosie. The first I saw them was at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee (with Tilly and the Wall & Bright Eyes), and the second show I attended was at the King Cat Theater in Seattle. I was most impressed with everyone’s energy levels and skill at this show. Things seemed to go great, and the beat-box session from Taz was nothing to laugh at. Amazing.

At the show I bought “La Maison De Mon Rêve” on vinyl (CocoRosie’s first album). I was very excited to get this beautiful, pink record home. I love the water colors used on the album cover.

La Maison de Mon Reve - CocoRosie

I’m extremely happy I went and got a new record player this past weekend. It’s been great to dig out my record collection again after 2 years of being in boxes. This is the first time they’ve seen daylight since I moved to Seattle in 2008.

Enjoying the cool mist off Lake Michigan

I had an amazing trip back home to Milwaukee. I got to spend a lot of time with my family and old friends I miss. Living in Seattle, I definitely find myself missing Milwaukee. I think it’s mainly friends and family. Milwaukee is still a beautiful place. Maybe it’s just nostalgia. I took some photos on my iPhone:

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The iPhone 3G S and the Camera.

I picked up the new phone on Friday just before lunch at the AT&T store in downtown Seattle. There was no line when I arrived, but one formed shortly after. With there being no line and AT&T stating the only phone left in stock was exactly the one I wanted, I figured it’d be best I purchase it.

Either way, the big reason I was stoked on getting a 3G S was for the new touch to focus camera features. With that said, the camera definitely lives up to what I was hoping for. Still no zoom, but other than that it’s amazing! The touch to focus works great. The macro focus is amazing. The clarity and color are better and I believe it’s an extra mega pixel.

Most of all I’m surprised by the speed of the new phone. The 3G S is much faster than the 3G. Kudos Apple.

I love this picture (taken with 3G S).

oh yeah, the video rocks too.

IMAP now available with Gmail!

I know this is no new news for most, but I just realized today Gmail now supports IMAP!  I stopped using the POP3 capabilities a while ago because I hated it not syncing, but now IMAP is supported.  YAY!  I guess this occurred back in October.  Where was I?  Here’s the article.  Yahoo is a joke to me.  When are they going to stop charging for everything.  Don’t you know americans want everything for free!