So we moved to Los Angeles

So back in June my wife accepted a job in Culver City. So, 3 months later I can say we are finally settled. I even accepted a new position last week at VideoAmp. A lot has changed in the last couple months. I’m excited to see what the next year holds for us.

Since the move I’ve been surfing a lot; go figure. On the weekends we typically head south down to San-O or north to Malibu.

On weekends when we don’t want to travel far we’ve been going to Ocean Park or the Breakwater in Venice. A couple weeks back we had an encounter with dolphins. They swam right up to/under us. It was a pretty unique experience for me. I’ve seen dolphins surfing before, but nothing this close.

Back to the subject of Malibu. It sure is a special place that lives up to it’s name. Sure, it’s one of the most crowded spots I’ve surfed, but for good reason. The people and waves are world-class.

I sure do feel blessed right now.

– Brian

Trip to Los Angeles

Amanda was asked to come to Los Angeles for work the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Knowing we would both have of that Monday, we decided to take some extra days and fill our free time with friends and surfing. The footage was taken at Venice Beach, Ocean Park in Santa Monica, San Onofre in San Clemente, Surfrider Beach in Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier and more. It was filmed January 13th – 20th, 2018.

The West Coast was hit with a nice swell around Tuesday that week. There was a coastal watch for a large swell hitting the hardest near San Diego. It amounted for friendly waves at San-O and Malibu. I’m very grateful for receiving the clean swell and meeting some friendly people in the lineups.

Filmed and edited by Brian Behrens.

Music by Sweet Reaper and Jodi.

Shot with my GoPro Hero4 Black, iPhone X and Sony A6500. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Testing out the Mavic Pro Drone at Westport

I brought my drone out last weekend to Westport, Washington. By the time I took it up flying the winds had turned on shore but the waves were relatively good still. It was too good in the morning to be filming and not surfing. I’ll be filming with this more hopefully as we move into fall.

Lords of Seatown – 5th Annual Skateboarding Event

I headed on my bike over to the Marginal Way Skatepark event, Lords of Seatown. After a short ride over the West Seattle bridge I arrived at the event late afternoon just in time for the Men’s finals. The competition was stiff. Zion O’Friel was putting down some heavy lines in competition with Phil Hansen and the rest of the men in the finals.

Lords of Seatown - 5

There were fun side sessions going on throughout the day. In particular there was some serious skating going down in the “newer” pool area. Kyle Ward and Zion were especially fun to watch grind down some pool coping. In the end the event raised $4,208 for the park and brought the 5 year fund-raising total to just over $20,000. Pretty awesome.

On my bike ride home I took the drone up for a shot of the Port of Seattle.

Port of Seattle

Surfing on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington in August

I bought a new DJI Mavic Pro a week back and headed to the coast to see what kind of shots I could come up with. I always love surfing on the reservation run by the Makah tribe. They are welcoming of surfers. Last weekend I actually participated in Warm Currents, teaching local kids on the reservation to surf.

Saturday the waves were tiny. We got the David’s Prism Kite out in the morning for some flying while we waited for the waves to pick up. This was my first flying the Mavic. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it flew. It’s stability, even in wind, is mind boggling.

Saturday night we were greeted by a bit of rain. We got food in town to pass the time. By morning the rain had stopped and we were rewarded with good surf. Only those who stuck around reaped the rewards.

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A Deep, Snowy Winter in the Northwest

It has been a great winter of cool temps here in the Pacific Northwest. It all got started in early December. The snow and cool temps have been really consistent. From resort riding to backcountry travels, the fun has not stopped.

I rode Mt. Baker the first Sunday it opened. We had great snow, but it came with low visibility.

We rode Stevens Pass the day they opened the backside up for the first time of the season. My camera was dead before 1pm when it opened. Maybe some things are better left undocumented, left to our memories.

Alpental opening day, like the others, did not disappoint. We ended up getting first tracks down International. Again, undocumented.

And then there’s touring. Here are some photos and video from our tour out Commonwealth Basin across from Snoqualmie West.

Tour up Commonwealth Basin

Tour up Commonwealth Basin

Tour up Commonwealth Basin

Tour up Commonwealth Basin

Tour up Commonwealth Basin

Tour up Commonwealth Basin

Hope your’e finding time to enjoy the snow!

Learning to Surf on a Longboard

I picked up surfing about 4 years ago. When I first started I was on a “fun board”, a 7’4″ Ocean Pulse. I quickly went from that surfing Lib Tech shortboards about 6’4″ or less while working at Mervin Manufacturing. Surfing wasn’t really an option for me growing up in the Milwaukee, WI area. At the time I didn’t find paddling out with icicles on my face appealing.

This summer I got a longboard from Murdey Surfboards. Dan Murdey was awesome to work with on the board and gave all the right recommendations. Dan glassed for Gerry Lopez for about 15 years and now does all his own shaping, tinting and glassing. I’ve been riding my Bells & Whistles nose rider for most of the summer and it’s been a blast. I’m just now starting to try to learn to cross step. Check out the video below from last weekend in Westport, WA.

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Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival

I spent this past weekend with a crew of 55 volunteers making a short film, 7 minutes in duration, for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival. This film was created under the direction of the talented Ben Strickland of Tricky Whiskey Films. It was my first time doing the 48 Hour Film Fest. It was a great experience seeing what a large group of volunteers, industry pros and amateurs, can come together and make in 2 LONG days.

2016 Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival - "pew pew"

We shot at a private airfield in Monroe, WA.

2016 Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival - "pew pew"

We got our shot of a plane riding into the sunset and a van following shortly behind with gunfire.

2016 Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival - "pew pew"

We had great talent thanks to all the individuals who helped plan the film.

If you’d like to see the film, come next week to SIFF at the Uptown, Tuesday, July 26th, 2016. You can buy tickets online. Be sure to buy tickets for the 9pm showing for Group D if you want to see our film “pew pew”.

View more behind the scenes photos here.

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